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Come see Me and Get Bodied!

I offer non-invasive body contouring services. Request a free consultation today!

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Unl​eash Your True Beauty

Jerkia S. Leftwich, at Your Service!

Achieve your desired physique without the pain and the extra effort! BodiDynamicz provides non-invasive body sculpting and other enhancement services to boost the natural curves of your body. I offer my safe cosmetic services to clients in Nashville, Tennessee. Book an appointment today!

Get The Curves You Deserve 

Mission Statement


                                                             “A force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process.”

“Bodidynamicz is here to plant a seed of confidence and give you the curves you deserve! It doesn't matter if it the curves of your body or the curve of a smile spread across your face. Our services and products will make you feel Beautiful inside and out. Your Body Is a Temple, so let's Treat it Like One.”

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